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Partspic5 Remanufactured

Sharp Used Engines is your #1 source for all your replacement engine parts needs. Used, rebuilt, or remanufactured engines for your car or truck we have what you need.

We beat our competition on every level. First and foremost we have such a wide selection that we will either have your specific part stocked and onhand, or we can very quickly source it for you from our network. Then, we provide you with the best possible price for the best possible quality.Because of this, somewhat paradoxically, a rebuilt engine can actually be even more durable than the original that was obtained from the manufacturer! This is even more true because replacement parts can be sourced of a newer, higher quality standard than was previously, originally created when the engine first came out.

So having your car or truck quit on you can actually be a silver lining if you think about it, you get the peace of mind and reliability of having new inner parts added instead of outdated ones, along with a thorough inspection done of the whole thing.

To make it as easy a process as possible, we ship used engines anywhere in the USA or Canada. We are well stocked and ready to ship to you so give us a call today at 1-866-651-2992 or send us an email at


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